The line between assimilation and artistic freedom.

Homogenizing. It’s already happening. Genres and styles are beginning to blend and appropriate one another. So do we fight homogenization? It sounds dirty. Homogenize. It sounds like emasculated countries are forced to conform to the ideals of the emasculator, but, perhaps these cultural blends aren’t always as violent and dangerous as one would think.

I grew up in the western world. I am a kid from a small town in Iowa. I live in a country that is and has been considered a driving world power for years. Even as I write this I am sitting in a room that was built on land that was once cultivated by the natives who lived here. America is pretty bad at allowing culture to be preserved. We are the assimilators. My countries culture has been forced on the culture’s of many.


but art tho…

While I’d like to say, “tell America to fuck off with their assimilation bullshit.” Perhaps there are artists from other parts of the world who truly dig a specific technique that is employed only in American art. What is exchange and what is appropriation? What is artistic freedom, and what is assimilation? Where are these lines?


I want to know!


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