Andy Warhol’s Social Media

I found this interesting article about how Andy Warhol had his own form of social media, along with several other artists, before the social media as we know it today was created. The article focuses on pictures taken of Warhol by Christopher Makos who was a close friend of Warhol. Makos talks about how at Warhol’s studio they would take photos or Polaroids and pass them around. You could think of this as posting a photograph on the internet and sharing it but in a physical way. Makos says the reason they did this was to get feedback and it was a way to share ideas.

I found this really interesting since we have grown up in a time where social media has really blossomed but there were these social media before Facebook or Instagram. It’s interesting to see how something that these artists were doing grew with the introduction of the internet and people. Makos talks about how Warhol would have other people take “selfies” of him long before people did it for entertainment.

The rest of the article talked about how photography played a part in the life of Andy Warhol and how his work ethic affected the way Makos took photographs. I found this really intriguing seeing how we are focusing on the impact of social media on art today. It’s interesting to think that artists had their own form of it before what we have recognize as social media today and how similar it is. Today’s social media is just a large scale version of what they were doing in the late 70s and early to mid 80s.

Some Warhol “Selfies”







One thought on “Andy Warhol’s Social Media

  1. It is really interesting how much social media has blown up in this decade really. I would like to know how often this sort of earlier social media was used such as the sharing of photos that Andy Warhol started. Another question I have is it would be interesting to know how much of those artists like Andy Warhol now use today’s social medias such as Instagram and Twitter. Like whether or not they still directly send their photos to fellow artists to get feedback. It would be much easier and quicker now.
    You talked about how social media has such a big impact on art today. Another big part of that is how exactly has social media impacted older artists who may not be as tech savvy as younger artists who are posting on Twitter Instagram, Facebook etc. daily. Has it gotten harder for these artists with the advancement in technology and social media or has it helped them just as much as younger rising artists.


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