Welcome to our blog, students of 339!

This space is created as a supplemental platform for sharing, discussion, and other forms of intellectual inquiry. This is your chance to comment, analyze, and critique topics about “global contemporary art” in the world around us. The posts should, whenever possible, extend class discussion. Feel free to create posts that build on issues, themes, topics and questions that emerge from our limited in-class time. While it’s fine to just focus on a set of readings, try to make connections with new material you read. The posts can build on art-related news that you encounter through various media outlets (see About for links), they do not have take external sources as material; they can simply be your thoughts regarding specific issues that relate to our class.

You’re certainly welcome to post as frequently as you would like but two substantive posts and two substantive comments on different posts your classmates started are the minimum requirement for this course. A post should be approximately 3 paragraphs, and a comment, 2 paragraphs. Quality matters more than quantity. Add media such as images and video, as well as tags. I’ll assess these various contributions holistically.

I hope the availability of this alternative venue for dialogue would stimulate in-class discussions as they relate to our readings, and encourage you to think more deeply about contemporary art that you see and read about in the media or encounter in your life. Happy posting.